Off A Dinosaur!

by Street Street

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    With an acoustic guitar, some inspiration, and impromptu singing comes this EP of short songs.

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--- 2015 RE-RELEASE ---

with just an acoustic guitar, some inspiration, and impromptu singing comes this EP of short songs

download contains two bonus tracks and extra content

we sell CDs locally for $5. contact for more info


released April 19, 2013

Street Street (At time of release):
Aaron Solomon
Devin Ganoe
Nick Hayes




Street Street Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

We're a gang, apparently.

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Track Name: Taco Sauce
Well I guess
My days are done

Well I guess
My pants are rung

My carrot stick fell down the hole
My rabbit ate all of my snowglobes

But I guess my fancy pants know my dancy moves

And I guess my snowglobes don't know
Where I am
So I know

Snowman's nose knows no bounds
'Cause he's a carrot man

Habits are hard to break
Especially when you're a clown
Juggling pounds of cocaine while
Doing flips OFF A DINOSAUR!


Taco sauce is great
Track Name: Conservative Swing
I love the Mexico Land

I love the unicorns
When they're fighting bears

I love the cocaine trees
Filled with ostriches

I love the silent hills
When they're moanin' in the day

Sleepy villages won't stay away from the blob
He doesn't like the crack cocaine

I thought the sky whale was a frog prince
'Cause he was
Attacking all of the Mexicans at Home Depot

'Cause that's where the song ends
Track Name: Church Of Kirby
Kirby skies
Over the hillside

Meta Knight is evil
Kirby is great

Praise him!
Oh, Kirby God!

Fight off the Meta Knight!
Fight him with your awesomeness!

...And god forbid
You don't miss
The amazing fight
Of a Kirby and a Meta Knight
As they clash in the free-realm!

Filled with cocaine
Dinosaurs too
While Kirby's swallowing them
Track Name: Man After Me
Lemme tell you a story
'Bout the man
Who I met
Down the river

He was an ostrich man
And by god, he man-delivered!

He gave me lots of Fanta
And lots of chicken for me

He was a great man

I told him to

Go down to the store

I owed him
Five bucks more

He should have told me that
I owed him ten
But god forbid
That man was after me
I know what he'll want

I know what you need

Box of cocaine
And a box of weed
On top of some cheese
Track Name: Fuck You, Nick
My ostrich

Knew my name
Past the liver room

And I know
His name is Mr. Potato
'Cause he's the ostrich man

Doin' this game

Potato knows my name

Jesus loves taco salad
Satan loves hamburgers
And you know
PETA members suck

...Fuck you, Nick

Can you guess
The name of this song?

It's Fuck You Nick
Track Name: Game Over (Bonus Track)
Well I guess the game is done
Well I guess I'll just sit here
And I guess the game is over
And I guess the giraffes have won
Steam Powered Giraffes

Well I guess the game is over
So I know we'll go home
For them to play
The Steam Powered Giraffes
Track Name: Satan's Shopping Mart (Bonus Track)

Bring back my Pop-Tarts

*windows 7 start up noise*

I lost them

In the shopping mart

Oh, Satan